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1. What is an IDAPT tip?
We use interchangeable adapters on our charging stations. Currently we offer more than 20 different charging tips. The IDAPT tip system eliminates cable clutter and is patented worldwide.  
2. Is IDAPT compatible with all portable devices?
Yes, we design all of our products to have 100% compatibility with the latest electronic devices. Whether it’s our Universal holders, Universal chargers or Portable power, you can easily use the IDAPT right out of the box. We cover more than 5000 devices, including all generation of iPhone, iPod and iPad as well as Samsung, Nokia, tablets, e-books, cameras, games consoles, rechargeable batteries, etc.  
3. What tips are included in the Universal Charger? 
Each packaging includes different tips. We recommend that you read the description of the item. Extra tips can be purchased separately. Check the list of Universal Tips.
4. Can I change the adapter tips if I don't need them? 
Currently we don't offer that option. If you don't need some of the tips included in the standard pack, you may purchase separately the extra tips you need.
5. Is this product available in stores?
Yes, IDAPT has distribution agreement at select retailers in more than 30 countries. Please check the Store locator list. 
1. Can I use the Universal Chargers when travelling to another country?
Yes, you can use all IDAPT chargers worldwide. AC input is 85-240VAC. 
2. Will it slow the charging rate when charging multiple devices at once?
No, IDAPT provides fast charging rate of multiple power-hungry devices as fast as their original chargers. 
3. Is the charging station easy to use?
Yes, the IDAPT tip system makes our charging stations very easy and safe to use for all age and gender. 
4. My IDAPT charging station doesn’t charge?
Remember to turn the power button on and insert the tip correctly. If it still doesn’t work and it’s still under warranty, please send us a video showing the issue by using the form below or to support@idaptweb.com. 
1. Where do you ship from? 
We ship our products from Barcelona (Spain). To minimize your shipping rate, please check our Store locator to find your nearest store/webshop. Our products are also available at Amazon in many different countries. If nothing listed, please send us a message at support@idaptweb.com. 
2. I haven’t received my product(s) yet? 
Depending on the shipping method you have chosen, your product will be delivered to you within its delivery time. Please check when ordering to see your estimated delivery time. If any doubts, contact us with all the necessary information (name, order number, phone number, country) by using the form below or at support@idaptweb.com.
3. Can I return my IDAPT product(s)?
Yes. After receiving the product, we allow you 7 working days to return the product that you are not satisfied with. You can return the product within this time period, at your own expense. It must be in original packaging and content. Contact us at support@idaptweb.com and we will send you the return address. 
1. How long is my product covered by the IDAPT’s warranty?
All IDAPT products bought directly from Idaptweb.com have 2 years guarantee from the date of purchase with all latent defects discovered within these years. The warranty does not apply in the following cases:
- When damage is caused by external factors such as shocks, lightning, power surges, rust and sand.
- When damage is caused by the customer’s non-respect of the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use and installation of the product.
- When damage is caused by the customer’s misuse of the product.
- When the customer is aware of damage to the product at the time of placing their order.
2. I bought my IDAPT at another store. Is it still covered by warranty? 
Yes, your IDAPT will be covered by the warranty offered by that store. We recommend you to contact the specific store on any defective issue regarding your IDAPT. 
3. My warranty is not applicable. What options do I have?
IDAPT will offer to repair your product with an estimate repair fee. You have 3 months to accept or reject the quote and pay the amount due. If nothing heard from you within this time, we will assume that you have rejected the quote and abandoned your product. No compensation will be issued. 
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