Charger for iPhone

Charger for iPhoneHigh constant risk rate of low batteries is the most terrific experience for iPhone users, especially when traveling. IDAPT, the manufacturer of the i4 universal charger, has developed amazing solution to that problem - i1 Eco charger for iPhone.
The small size and portable power of the amazing i1 Eco means iPhone lovers will never again have to worry about low batteries.

i1 Eco charger for iPhone carries multiple charges for any personal electronic device that can be powered by a USB plug – four complete recharges for the most power-hungry smart phones. i1 is perfect not only for iPhones, but also for everything from cell phones to hand-held gaming systems, dead AA/AAA batteries.

The small size of i1 Eco makes it perfect for slipping into pockets and bags. The convenience of carrying charger for iphone on-the-go makes it an indispensable accessory. Outstanding device for travelers, business people and anyone else who is interested in active use of their mobile devices.