2012-05-02 - The Best Gift For Mom

The Best Gift For Mom Mother’s day is a time of commemoration and celebration for mothers around the world, where families will honor them by observing gift-giving traditions. As this special day comes near, IDAPT is committed to providing families with unique gift ideas to make this day memorabl ... Read more

2012-04-20 - Eco-Friendly Habits For Earth Day And Beyond

Eco-Friendly Habits For Earth Day And Beyond Earth Day is celebrated across the world in remembrance of the importance of our planet’s well-being. First observed in 1970, this date marks the foundation of the modern environmental movement, which raises awareness of our innate right to have access to clean water and air ... Read more

2012-03-30 - Sometimes April Fools' Day Is Not Funny At All

Nowadays, an increasing number of people with a growing number of mobile devices that constantly crave power are looking for better and more flexible charging solutions. But certain companies who claim to provide solutions offer their customers nothing but bad jokes, like the noto ... Read more

2012-03-27 - When the man beats the machine or how I defeated my brand new iPhone 4S

When the man beats the machine or how I defeated my brand new iPhone 4S Last weekend, I took part in the Barcelona Marathon along with other 20.000 crazy runners from all over the world. I can’t say I did a great time. I was defeated by almost everyone, even some people that were not running, just simply walking on the sidewalk carrying shopping ... Read more

2012-03-24 - Welcome To The New Jungle

Welcome to the new jungle To those environmentalists concerned about the future of our planet's forests, I can now advise you to relax. With the dawn of the twenty-first century, the jungle has finally found a new home – and this time it is much cl ... Read more

2012-02-20 - The Importance Of Keeping Your Mobile Devices Charged At All Times

The term nomophobia might not sound familiar to a majority of mobile device users. For those who still don’t know its meaning, it is defined as ‘the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.’ If you frequently find yourself feeling anxious when your phone is not ... Read more