Blackberry Charger

The IDAPT i4, an innovative charging solution from the Spanish mobile technology leader, makes a perfect solution for your Blackberry’s charging needs. Equipped with three charging sockets and a sophisticated system of interchangeable tips, this charging station is an ideal companion to any bedside table or office desk. Keep your Blackberry at its optimum performance with the aid of IDAPT’s universal mobile charging stations.

Blackberries are clearly a life-saver for most business executives or those who need to be in constant contact with the world. Keeping this phone continuously functioning is always on the mind of its owner as they often become an indispensable tool for carrying out business and other affairs. Capable of charging up to four devices at the same time, the i4 presents a great chance to own a Blackberry charger also capable of keeping all other devices at home juiced. For this reason, the IDAPT i4 makes an ideal accessory for Blackberry owners.

Not exclusively made as a Blackberry charger, this charging station is also compatible with over 4,500 devices thanks to its patented system of interchangeable tips. It features three power sockets and a lateral USB port to which the user can connect tablets and e-readers. Whether you keep it at home or at the office, this compact gadget is there to take care of all your charging needs.

The i4 is lightweight and compact, making it convenient to be taken as part of one’s luggage on any trip. This Blackberry charger gives us the opportunity to avoid all that annoying cable clutter everywhere we go. For those constantly traveling for business matters, this gadget can be easily used in most hotel and conference rooms around the world. The manufacturer has built the i4 as a dual voltage system, which ensures its adaptability in countless countries around the world.

With most offices and suitcases eventually turning into a jungle of cables, the IDAPT i4 has the potential to become as indispensable as the mobile devices it has been created to serve. Households and offices with multiple chargers are slowly becoming obsolete thanks to the i4’s universal capabilities. This award-winning product is here to make our lives easier and revolutionize the way in which the world charges its favorite mobile devices.